Life coaching ? Counselling? How can they be combined?

Life coaching offers a form of development. Counselling offers particular forms of guidance in helping individuals, partners, groups resolve personal or psychological problems such as depression, anxiety and trauma.

Positive identity and tenderness

We need to get to know ourselves and have some concern for our own plight. Then we can begin to have some sense as to what’s going on for others. We all have some kind of ‘knot’ we are working on. Something about ourselves we would prefer to keep hidden from others and often from ourselves. Usually it comes down …


[Photo] - Clam ocean

Recently I moved to another country. Many things have changed and at times I have wondered, what is it that gives me my identity? You will probably have experienced the same thing as me. For example, at a social gathering, when people ask, what do you do? This is a lead in to their growing awareness of who I am …